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Some Suggestions on How You Can Have A Beautiful Lawn
Getting a beautiful lawn does not require you to make use of chemicals. Believe it or not , when you prohibit the use of chemicals completely, your lawn will turn out much healthier. Adding chemicals will not only poison the soil but pollute the water. You can eliminate your use of chemicals by working on the following tips.

The most effective weed management is to personally pull all of the weeds. Given that quite a few weeds are annuals, when you pull them before they seed, they will not grow back. A complete root system may have to be taken out for certain types of weeds. Weeds like clovers are actually helpful so you should not pull them. This is because clover delivers some nitrogen which will help improve the health of your lawn. Purchase a soil test kit, to find out how much organic matter is in the soil. It will be good to find out the pH balance of your soil as well as what nutrients are needed to enhance the quality.

When your lawn has got bald spots, re-seed using a blend of different grass varieties. Disease is a typical occurrence but it will not impact all types of grass so the mixture will guarantee some growth. You don't want the grass to start to be heavy thatch therefore you should break it up, and also aerate the soil. That way, the roots will be able to efficiently reach the soils nutrients. Earthworms will certainly aerate your turf better than anything else. If the layer of thatch develops into a half-inch thick, it is best to de-thatch it. A myriad of difficulties happen when the thatch keeps the air, water and nutrients from getting to the ground. The majority of the thatch will be removed if you rake your lawn quickly after aerating it.

Some thatch and grass clippings can improve decomposition so that will improve the health of your lawn. Your grass should be approximately two or three inches in height and not to cut any more than a third to avoid shock. In order to stop grass damage, you should have your mower blades adequately sharpened. Never use anything but natural fertilizers, because they not only put nutrients into the soil, but they help them stay there longer. Thatch and grass clippings decompose better in non-chemical fertilizer and the best to get is sheep manure.

Be sure you only water your grass as required and get the water down deeply. The roots will be shallow and have better probability of disease and insects if you don't water properly. You will have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood if you abide by these steps. 锘? Solar energy is the sun's nuclear fusion reactions within the continuous energy generated. Earth orbit, the average solar radiation intensity 1367kwm2. Earth's equatorial circumference to 40000km, and thus calculated the Earth's energy was up to 173,000 TW. At sea level standard peak intensity 1kwm2, a point on the earth's surface 24h, the average radiation intensity 0.20kwm2, the equivalent of a 102,000 TW of energy, human survival depends on these energies, including all other forms of Renewable Energy (Except for geothermal energy resources) Although the total amount of solar energy resources is the human equivalent of energy used by ten thousand times, but the solar energy density is low, and it vary, as time changes, which is facing the development and utilization of solar energy major problem. These characteristics make it solar integrated energy system in the role of subject to certain restrictions. Sun is a huge, long, endless energy. Although the solar radiation energy to the Earth's atmosphere is only the total radiation energy (about 3.75 ? 1026W) 2.2 billion to one, but up to 173,000 TW, that sun exposure to the earth per second is equivalent to the energy 5 million tons of coal. The figure is the planet's energy flow diagram. As can be seen from the chart, earth wind energy , hydropower, ocean thermal energy, wave energy and biomass and some solar tidal energy comes from; even the earth of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, natural gas ) basically said that since the store is down the ancient solar energy, it covered a broad range of solar energy is very large, narrow solar energy is limited to solar radiation, solar thermal, photovoltaic and photochemical direct conversion. Earth energy flow diagram (unit 106MW) Solar energy is an energy, is renewable energy. It is rich in resources, both free, then no transport, no pollution on the environment. However, there are two main solar disadvantages: First, energy density is low; Second, its strength due to various factors (season, location, climate, etc) can not maintain a constant effect. These two drawbacks greatly limit the effective use of solar energy. Human use of solar energy has a long history. In the early years of the Warring States period in 2000 knew of four steel mirror to focus sunlight ignition; use of solar energy to dry agricultural products. To the modern, solar energy has become increasingly widespread, it includes the use of solar light and heat, solar photovoltaic and solar energy use photochemical utilization. 1.2 Structure of the Sun Sun is a hot gaseous sphere, its diameter is about 1.39 ? 106km, a mass of about 2.2 ? l027t, the quality of the Earth 3.32 ? 105 times larger than the earth in volume, 1.3 ? 106 times the average density of the Earth 1 4. The main component gases of hydrogen (about 80%) and helium (about 19%). Within the sun is going with hydrogen into helium fusion reaction polymerization, has continued to release tremendous amounts of energy, and in the way of radiation and convection heat transfer from the core to the surface temperature also decreased gradually from the center to the surface. Known by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium in the aggregate, while the release of enormous energy, the quality of the loss of 0.00729 p.
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